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Past Productions

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In this non-stop series of wordless comedy sketches, Hank Curry embarks on a picaresque journey through the pitfalls and pratfalls of modern life by trying on several unique identities, each with their own hilarious obstacles. Run away and join the circus of modern society with the “ridiculously talented Hank Curry” (DC Theater Arts) in a show that is "a joy to behold" (All About Solo). Originally comissioned by the Manayunk Theatre Company in 2016, "Confusion" has since been performed Off-Broadway in the United Solo Festival in 2022 and in the Rochester Fringe Festival in 2023.

Photography by Leslie Miller

Play by Hank Curry

Original Music by Andy Thierauf

2016 Production Directed by Hank Curry and Linnel Truchon

2022 Production Lights and Sound by Shane Matthews

Three Sisters


Performances of this production were cancelled.

One year after their father's death, Irina, Masha, and Olga Prozorov each find themselves at a personal crossroads that will determine both their own fates and their family's future. This stripped-down adaptation of Anton Chekhov’s timeless play omits all but the title characters for a tragicomic look at family dynamics, sibling rivalry, and sisterly love that employs mime, commedia dell’arte, Stanislavskian drama, and gender-bent casting to boldly reinterpret a classic of world theatre. 

Produced in collaboration with The Rosenbach for the Philadelphia Fringearts Festival.

Bellisant Corcoran-Mathe as Masha

Leslie Miller as Irina

Hank Curry as Olga

Photography by Ashley Smith

Adapted from "Three Sisters" by Anton Chekhov

Directed by Hank Curry


A Christmas Carol


On Christmas Eve, miserly Ebenezer Scrooge is visited by three spirits. Is it too late for Scrooge to change his ways? Or will the spirits provide the path to his salvation? This adaptation of the timeless holiday classic by Charles Dickens was first presented as a live staged reading, integrating traditional Christmas carols and performed in Fairmount Park's historic Lemon Hill Mansion, before being recorded as an audio play the following year with an expanded cast. Originally commissioned by the Fairmount Park Conservancy.

2019 Cast

Bill Robling as Ebenezer Scrooge
Stephanie Iozzia as the Three Spirits
Leslie Miller as Ensemble

Hank Curry as Ensemble


2020 Cast

Harrison Lampert as Ebenezer Scrooge
Vondexter Montegut II as Fred
Bill Robling as Marley's Ghost
Zanna Yoshida as First Spirit
Becki Zaritsky as Fan/Mrs. Cratchit
Megan Magee as Belle
Jenna Kuerzi as Second Spirit
Victor Rodriguez as Joe
Leslie Miller as Scrooge's Niece/Ensemble
Narrated by Hank Curry

Music by Beth Mead and John Catterall

Sound effects courtesy of

Adapted and Directed by Hank Curry


Horse Opera


Once Upon a Time in Arizona, Tombstone was the howling wonder of the Western world. Into this wild town of cattle rustlers, card sharps, and corrupt politicians comes Wyatt Earp, professional gambler and occasional lawman. Tombstone's unlikely savior might just bring law and order to the wild west...if he lives long enough.
This new comedy brings the folklore and reality of the infamous Gunfight at the O.K. Corral smashing together for a one-of-a-kind theatrical experience with songs, gunplay, pratfalls, and ice cream.

Mary McGinley as Josephine

Hank Curry as Wyatt Earp

Dexter Anderson as John Ringo

Jack Sharples as Johnny Behan

Robert Curry as Doc Holliday

and starring Leslie Miller as Ike Clanton

Narrated by Adiah Hicks
Music by Beth Mead

Written and Directed by Hank Curry


The Fortress


What happens when Keaton meets Kafka? Between high-brow philosophy and low-brow slapstick you will find The Fortress, a picaresque journey through bureaucracy, power plays, and screwball romance that seeks to combine the worldviews of two of the twentieth century's most brilliant and absurd creative minds. Mr. Locht has come to a strange town to make a sale to the mysterious Viscount, only to find himself navigating a labyrinth of dual identities, vaudevillian double-talk, and comic chases that will either end in disaster or entrance to the Viscount's elusive Fortress...or both.

Staged as a walking tour beginning at Washington Square and continuing to the historic Hill-Physick House and surrounding area in a uniquely immersive format, The Fortress gathers some of Philadelphia's greatest performing talent for a one of a kind theatrical experience.

Jennifer Summerfield as Kathleen Keyes

Johanna Dunphy as Professor Perlmutter

Robert Curry as The Emissary

Katie Frazer as Terry Such

Alex McCormick as Terry Such (no relation)

Leslie Miller as Ms. McGuire

Hank Curry as Mr. Locht
and with a friendly appearance by Ethan Fried

Stage Managed by Becky Fleckner

Photography by Kyle Cassidy
Produced by Hank Curry, Johanna Dunphy, Debbie Miller, and Jared Reed
Written and Directed by Hank Curry

special thanks to Jared Reed, Megan Chialastri, Debbie Miller, Jeremy Gable, Steve Cleff, Marie-Paule Jeskie, Sam Heitzer, Nolan Felix, Karisa Senavitus, Jared Delaney, Mary Kinney, Alice McGrath, and everyone at the Hill-Physick House.


Music To Laugh To


A study in mood music and mind control through clown.  Devised and performed for Philadelphia's SoLow Fest.

Conceived and Performed by Lesley Berkowitz­-Zak and Hank Curry

Original Music by Andy Thierauf

House Manager and Sound Operator John Zak

Special Thanks to Barbara Pomerantz

long ago.jpg

Long Ago and Far Away...


Tracking the saga of the human condition from the dawn of time to the end of the world, can two actors tell the complete story of human history within the confines of a Philadelphia Row Home? Join us on a journey through time and story, from the first man and woman to the last, as we tell the epic, intimate, romantic, and ridiculous true fairy tale of the human race.

Conceived and performed by Stephanie Iozzia and Hank Curry




A young man prepares to meet his great love. An old professor finds himself to be the only obstacle in giving an important lecture. A musician prepares to perform (if his guitar will allow it). And a young woman tries to turn regret into hope at the end of a long day. Hank Curry brings all of these characters to life in a series of wordless comic vignettes revealing the inner clown in all of us. Featuring live music composed and performed by Sonni Shine.

Part of the Philadelphia SoLow Festival.

Play by Hank Curry
Music by Sonni Shine

House Manager/Lightboard Operator - Stephanie Iozzia

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