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Before the unfortunate and unexpected cancellation of "Three Sisters", photojournalist Maria Dragone from Fringearts visited the rehearsal space to interview the cast and observe a performance of Act III of the play. Fringearts has very kindly chosen to still publish the resulting profile on their website in spite of the cancellation. For a look at the rehearsal process and for some thoughts from the cast, check out the article here.


It is with great regret that I must announce the cancellation of my upcoming production of "Three Sisters". A sudden personal tragedy regarding one of our cast members has made it impossible to continue at this time. This actor and this decision have the full support of all involved, including the Rosenbach, who have been nothing but generous during our association with them.

There is always new and exciting work just around the corner however, so keep watching this space for the next big announcement. I look forward to bringing you my very best, whenever and wherever it may be.

Special thanks is due to the everyone who worked on this show or lent their support, including Leslie Miller, Bellisant Corcoran-Mathe, Victor Rodriguez, the Rosenbach, Emilie Parker, Rosa Doherty, Ashley Smith, Avista Custom Theatrical Services, Maria Dragone, April Rose, and Zanna Yoshida.


My essay on the making of "Three Sisters" is now live on The Rosenbach Museum's blog, The Rosenblog! For a peek behind the curtain on how we made my upcoming production, click here.


Tickets are now on sale for my production of Three Sisters at the Rosenbach as part of the 2021 Fringearts festival! Click here and order your tickets today! Performances are September 9-12 at 7:00. General admission is $25, Students 25-and-under are $20.

"One year after their father's death, Irina (Leslie Miller), Masha (Bellisant Corcoran-Mathe), and Olga Prozorov (Hank Curry) each find themselves at a personal crossroads that will determine both their own fates and their family's future. This stripped-down adaptation of Anton Chekhov’s timeless play omits all but the title characters for a tragicomic look at family dynamics, sibling rivalry, and sisterly love that employs mime, commedia dell’arte, Stanislavskian drama, and gender-bent casting to boldly reinterpret a classic of world theatre."


For information on audience safety guidelines, see the websites for Fringearts and the Rosenbach.


I am thrilled to announce that I will be directing and performing in a new adaptation of Chekhov's Three Sisters at The Rosenbach this September 9-12 for the 2021 Philadelphia Fringearts Festival!  Joining me will be Leslie Miller as Irina and Bellisant Corcoran-Mathe as Masha in a stripped-down version that moves all but the title characters offstage to focus on the relationships between the three Prozorov sisters.  Keep watching this space and following me on Instagram and Twitter for ticketing information as it becomes available closer to opening.


When a notorious millionaire goes missing aboard his yacht after breaking a lifetime of reclusiveness, it will send Tiffany St. Clair, detective extraordinaire, on a case that winds its way from seaside dive bars to the highest levels of international finance.

Check out my debut novel, the serio-comic thriller "Body of the Crime", available now on Amazon!


"A Christmas Carol: An Audioplay For Artist Relief" is available now!  Listen to it on Spotify, Anchor, Breaker, Google Podcasts, Radio Public, or Pocket Casts.  

Harrison Lampert as Ebenezer Scrooge
Vondexter Montegut II as Fred
Bill Robling as Marley's Ghost
Zanna Yoshida as First Spirit
Becki Zaritsky as Fan/Mrs. Cratchit
Megan Magee as Belle
Jenna Kuerzi as Second Spirit
Victor Rodriguez as Joe
Leslie Miller as Scrooge's Niece/Ensemble
Narrated by Hank Curry

Music by Beth Mead and John Catterall

Artist Relief: www.artistrelief.org

Theatre Philadelphia Relief Fund:

Sound effects courtesy of SoundJay.com


I am thrilled to announce the impending release of "A Christmas Carol: An Audioplay For Artist Relief"!  This audio adaptation of the Dickens classic features a cast of actors from across the country coming together to bring this classic novel to life and raise awareness for Artist Relief and the Theatre Philadelphia Relief Fund.  These organizations are working to aid artists facing financial hardship due to the global pandemic.  Arts and Culture account for nearly $900 billion of the U.S. economy and are the source of over 5 million jobs.  More than half of those have been lost since the beginning of the global pandemic.  To donate or for more information click on the links above.  "A Christmas Carol" will be available for free on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Breaker, Castbox, Google Podcasts, Overcast, Pocket Casts, and Radio Public.  Check this website for the link next week!


Check out my appearance on my old friend Jenna Kuerzi's excellent podcast, "Depp Impact", available on Spotify and Anchor!  As part of Jenna's ongoing deep dive (Depp Dive?) into the career of Johnny Depp, we talk about Terry Gilliam's cult classic "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas" (1998).  Take a listen on Spotify here.


To learn more about Jenna Kuerzi, one of Philadelphia's most talented actors, click here.

To learn more about The Okra Project that Jenna mentions at the top of the show, click here.